When do widgets get updated?

For tax calculators we follow the various governments to make sure we are aware of any changes. Once a change is announced we amend the calculators normally within a few working days once we have all the information. Sometimes the calculators will have an additional date field to determine which calculation to use if there is a time period of different tax rates.

With schools and train stations, we periodically get the latest data from our providers (eg, Ofsted, Department of Education, National Rail etc.) however there is normally a delay for changes as a lot of organisations release this data monthly, quarterly or yearly.


Do I need to do anything when there’s an update?

No! When we make a change to a calculation or amend locations, updates get applied automatically on your website. This is because every time the widget loads on your website it gets the latest information from our servers. You don’t need to make any changes on your website for the updates to show.


Is the data accurate?

The data we use is provided by official sources, for example Ofsted, Department for Education or National Rail. We do not provide any guarantee that the information is fully accurate or up to date as we have to rely on the data that’s provided and sometimes there can be errors or a delay in reporting.

With regards to the calculators, this is throughly tested to ensure that the calculations are always accurate.

It is important that on your website you keep intact disclaimer information that we add, we allow you to amend this however it is at your risk if you do remove any important disclaimers.


How do renewals work?

We use Stripe as our subscription payments provider. Once you sign up to a plan you will be signed up to an automatic yearly subscription. Each year your card will be charged the subscription fee. You’ll receive an email from us one month before the subscription is due for renewal to remind you of this. You can cancel your subscription at any time by logging into your account and clicking the cancel link on your account page.


How do I add your widgets to my website?

Our widgets require you to add a few lines of code to your website which we provide to you from within your account. We normally recommend that you contact your web designer/developer to add this for you as some widgets will need additional data added to the code for example to set the latitude/longitude value on the schools and trains widgets.


How do I customise the widget to match my website’s design?

Our widgets can be customised with CSS, most web developers will be able to do this for you. However, if you do not have a web developer then please get in touch and we may be able to help do this for you.


Do you have information for all regions?

Yes. We have ensured that we have land tax calculators for England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland. Same for the schools and train stations, however please note that in some regions we don’t have all information, for example some regions don’t have school inspections or provide information on pupil numbers etc. You can see what’s available in each region by changing the location on the preview widgets here.


I have another question

Always happy to answer questions, please click here to get in touch.